Explore the Elephant Sanctuary Phuket and collect all the memories 


Do you love elephants? Do you like playing with them? Or have you never experienced playing with elephants in the real time before? Here’s your chance to say a hello to them up-close. This elephant sanctuary is located in a very special place a lush forest near the beautiful beaches in west Phuket there are some traditional elephant sanctuaries and it has a powerful vision here all the elephants behave very well, and no trouble from them. In every corner, the guiding people will help us at any time. Here we can feed food like veggies and fruits to the elephant sanctuary Phuket it was a great moment when the elephants took a bath in the lakes some of them played with the mud, and some of them splashed the water into the visitors. And also the visitors enjoy the whole thing like nature and also elephants play with the mud like a child it was kind of joy to watch. Many people are afraid to see elephants because of their huge body many will afraid but here in the elephant sanctuary the elephants give you good company.

The Daily Routines and the Activities 

The elephant’s daily day activities are so unique in Phuket that it will turn on like an unforgettable moment it is not only an enjoyable journey it is also an awareness and education journey. Yes, here they will explain how to take care of the animals in the elephant sanctuary Phuket and also how to take care of Mother Earth so that if you go with your family and children they will know the concept of taking care of the animals and the forests. So come and explore nature which is filled with green and lakes that say no to the greenery and make memories with them. In the jungle, we can go on long walks if you get any inconvenience the guides will take care of everything. Here the elephants take the bath in the pounds it was an eye feast for the visitors as most people will not see the elephant bath here in this place we can see the elephants playing like kids. And also you can play with them can roam throughout the jungle in the land of the forest. Well-experienced tour guides will be monitoring the forest. No need to worry about anything.