What to Look for in the Best Camper Trailers for Sale


When it comes to looking at camper trailers for sale, it can be daunting to know exactly what you should be looking for. On the one hand, you’ll have your own set of criteria to check off, and on the other, you’ll need to ensure the prospective camper can be transported safely and is compliant with roadworthy standards. This article will take a look at a few things the best campers for sale should have so you can hit the road with confidence.

H2: A Detailed Service/Maintenance History

While not explicitly a feature of the camper itself, it’s important to be informed of any known faults with the camper you’re thinking of purchasing, as well as having a detailed record of how often it has been serviced. While this tip pertains more to aftermarket camper purchases, all camper trailers for sale should come with some records that give you an indication of their current condition. 

This information can be crucial for budgeting, as if the service history indicates that the tyres are worn or in need of alignment before being roadworthy, you’ll need to factor this cost into your overall budget and consider whether or not the hassle of getting the repairs done is even worth it.

Most importantly, records of any kind with the purchase of a camper trailer will add an extra layer of trust to the transaction. If the seller of a camper trailer can’t produce these records or outright refuses to, it may be an indication that you should find another seller.

H2: Interior & Exterior Condition

Following on from the previous tip, regardless of what records indicate, you should always look for a camper trailer with an excellent interior and exterior condition. You can thoroughly check over the interior by pulling out fold-out beds. Do they pull out easily, or do they jam? Are the beds themselves in good condition? 

It’s also important to conduct a thorough check and test of the camper’s electrical work. Ensure all lights and power outlets work, and test internal equipment such as radios. If you find yourself stranded or in an otherwise dire situation on the road, you don’t want to find out this equipment is faulty or not in working order when you need it most. 

Camper trailers for sale should also have a very good to excellent exterior condition. While cracks, rust and broken seals on a used camper might not be deal-breakers, the extent of this damage can indicate how well or how poorly the camper was treated by the previous owner. 

H2: Mechanically Sound

Arguably the most important aspect to inspect when looking at camper trailers for sale is the mechanics of a camper. While a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior can give you a good idea of the condition of the camper, good mechanics will ensure the camper will cope with long journeys. 

Be sure to thoroughly inspect the chassis, wheels and brakes. While this tip is more important to keep in mind when buying second hand, it’s also good to check brand new campers too to ensure you can have peace of mind knowing that the purchase is sound.