Selecting All Of Your Family People Cycling Trip Through Lithuania


With a number of options for quick-going cycling, consuming parks, and lounging the shore, a seaside Cycle Route on Lithuania’s coast is a great family option.

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Lithuania’s Seaside Cycle Route provides 3 alternative ideas to some family event cycling journeys in Lithuania. These 3 seaside trails all extend in glasgow- Klaipeda, the following largest city within the united states . states, and branch away and off and away to either the city of Nida, Butinge or Rusne Island.

With 200 km (125 miles) total of biking routes and three large physiques water – the Baltic Ocean, the Curonian Lagoon, along with the Nemunas River – this journey includes spectacular views of forests, sand dunes, along with the ocean, and could perhaps you have experiencing UNESCO World Heritage sites, museums, plus a handful of amazing beach culture.

Your cycling trip in Lithuania encircled by water across the Curonian Spit

The trek to Nida begins with a short ferry ride from the center of Klaipeda to the beginning of the Curonian Spit. Your trip goes cycling inside the entire 52 km entire island. Curonian Spit Park occupies the whole Spit and it is really a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll take in the great factor in regards to the area’s sand dunes, which speak in confidence for the sweeping vistas within the Baltic Ocean somewhere along with the Curonian Lagoon alternatively.

Stop while using quaint fishing towns of Preila, Perualka, Juodkrante, and Nida, and possibly go to a few in the amazing sculptures, monuments, and available beaches along the way. Probably the most used stops reaches the Hill of Witches, numerous sculptures portraying figures from both questionnable traditions and Lithuanian folklore.


Understand the beaches going north to Butinge

The 2nd option within your family cycling trip in Lithuania should be to mind inside the coast for that Latvian border. The visit to the town of Butinge, which borders Latvia, may be the shortest from many cycle routes at 49 km. This journey is steeped ever and relaxation. You’ll begin by cycling through Seaside Regional Park within the former Soviet military site that today comprises the towns of Giruliai and Nemiresta. Along this journey you will observe sculptures, superbly designed bridges extending over rivers and ponds, and see a few great ocean museums.

The highlight within the Klaipeda to Butinge route could be  Palanga, that you could achieve about midway utilizing your journey. Palanga is considered because the popular summer time time time resort in Lithuania and through the vacation a few days you’ll find beaches full of easy-going families along with other vacationers lounging the shores, winning contests, and taking in the world. The trampolines that line the shore inside a few areas her may surprise you, when you don’t check this out of beaches, visit and bounce away!

Take in the lowland lower to RusnÄ? Island

From many routes within your family cycling trip in Lithuania, a extended within the Seaside Cycle Route may be the journey to Rusne Island (115 km). This route has all your family members biking lower mainly major roads and involves a mind at Nemunas Delta Regional Park, famous because the largest gathering location water wild wild wild birds vehicle Baltic Ocean region.

The entire of Rusne Island is contained by polders, creating any rather interesting sight, one that’s unlike every other within the united states . states. Since the area reaches this type of extreme lowland, previously the residents were produced to create the polders to acquire their island from constantly flooding.

Finding your route and departing round the family cycling trip through Lithuania

This can be a real great visit to uncover natural and cultural great factor about Lithuania inside the seat in the bicycle. Try among the 3 Seaside Cycle Routes or create a complete trip and attempt all 3!