Top 4 Qingdao Attractions


Qingdao, China’s eastern Shandong province, is a port city adorned with skyscrapers, parks and beaches on the Yellow Sea. It’s famous for its beer – a legacy of German rule from 1898-1914 – which still enjoys widespread popularity today.

The Tsingtao Beer Museum commemorates the founding of its name-brand brewery by Germans in 1903. Additionally, the annual Qingdao International Beer Festival is an important annual event. Fly into Qingdao with Cathay Pacific and you will be able to see all of these. 

Zhanqiao Pier

Zhanqiao Pier is one of the most iconic landmarks in Qingdao. Protruding out into the bay, it houses Huilan Pavilion – an eight-sided structure that has become a symbol for the city. Additionally, Tsingtao beer cans feature this landmark as a must-see attraction for visitors to Qingdao.

Zhanqiao Pier was originally built by the Germans in 1891 and has been repaired and expanded twice since. Measuring 440 meters long by 10 meters wide, its features include giant granite supports as well as Huilan Pavilion – a two-storey Chinese style pagoda at its end.

Tourists can stroll across the pier and admire its distinctive Chinese-style architecture. Beyond it, there’s also a picturesque park along the shoreline. Furthermore, being so close to Beach Number Six and Little Qingdao Isle makes this area an ideal stopover for tourists looking to relax or have some fun.

The pier is open seven days a week and, during summer months, visitors can enjoy its beach. Golden Beach, which hosts the annual Qingdao International Beer Festival every August, offers plenty of activities for tourists to take part in.

Enjoy watching the sunset or taking a swim while taking in some spectacular fireworks during the festival!

On the pier you’ll find plenty of restaurants and bars. Some serve traditional Chinese cuisine while others specialize in Western dishes. Additionally, the pier boasts an expansive shopping mall.

While at the pier, take time for a stroll around picturesque Pier Park and take in its flower corridor and Huilan Pavilion. Additionally, this area is home to many Japanese black pines.

On occasion, the pier hosts a small art exhibition. Additionally, it hosts several festivals throughout the year, such as Qingdao International Beer Festival.

At the far end of the pier, visitors can witness an iconic landmark: Trestle Bridge. This 440-meter long span links Zhongshan Road with Little Qingdao Isle and serves as a symbol for Qingdao’s cultural diversity.

Xiaoyushan Park

On top of a hill in Qingdao, Xiaoyushan Park – also known as Little Fish Hill Park – provides stunning views of the city. This Chinese classical garden features distinctive pavilions, corridors and vibrant flowers and trees alike – making it popular both among locals and visitors alike.

Built in 1983, this park is inspired by traditional Chinese architecture and designed with local landscape in mind. At its centre stands an 18-metre high, three-storey octagonal “Seeing Waves Tower,” designed by renowned calligraphist Wu Zuoren.

The pavilion features a spiral staircase leading to viewing platforms on both second and third floors. From here, guests are treated to breathtaking views of the sea and maplewood forest.

In addition to its iconic octagonal pavilion, this park also includes several smaller buildings and an expansive outdoor terrace. Many of the buildings boast mural paintings that provide visitors with a truly unique and memorable experience.

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For an unparalleled view of Qingdao’s most remarkable sights, opt for a guided tour with an experienced guide. This will guarantee that you see all the city’s most important landmarks in a short amount of time.

The classic Qingdao tour typically lasts two to three days, covering the most popular attractions. This includes visits to Zhanqiao Pier, Xiaoyushan Hill Park and Badaguan Scenic Area among others.

This tour is an ideal way to see the top tourist attractions in Qingdao in a short amount of time and allows you to customize your itinerary. Additionally, you’ll get to experience the city’s history and culture firsthand.

Shilaoren Beach, a mile-and-a-half stretch of powdery white sand and crystal blue water, is just half an hour from downtown Qingdao. It’s the perfect spot for some sunbathing or swimming during your free time.

May Fourth Square

May Fourth Square (Wu Si Yan Chang Wu Si Guangchang), situated between the new municipal government building and Fushan Bay, was named in remembrance of the May 4th Movement. It consists of Shizhengting Square as its central square as well as coastal park surrounding it.

Take a stroll around this picturesque square and admire its exquisite decoration, including many fountains that look even more stunning when illuminated at night. It is one of Qingdao’s most picturesque squares and an ideal location to take pictures.

The square is also an excellent destination for food and drinks, featuring an open-air Tsingtao bar on the water as well as numerous seaside restaurants. There are plenty of stalls selling souvenirs and trinkets from all over the world to try, along with delicious cuisine from around the world.

If you’re searching for a peaceful spot to unwind after a day of sightseeing, May Fourth Square is an excellent option. It boasts stunning views of both the city and beach, making it a popular tourist destination among locals and visitors alike.

As you stroll along the square, you can’t help but be charmed by a spiral sculpture entitled “Wind of May.” Surrounded by numerous fountains, it makes for an idyllic spot for tourists to take pictures and relax. Even in the evenings, this picturesque spot comes alive with vibrant neon lights illuminated by the setting sun.

On warm afternoons or after dinner, take a leisurely walk around the square. On sunny days it will be filled with young couples strolling on the ground and kites soaring through the air.

May Fourth Square is home to several museums, such as the Museum of the History of May Fourth Movement which chronicles this significant historical event.

There are also museums related to military history and sports in Shanghai. The city’s naval museum stands out, boasting one of the largest collections of Chinese and international maritime artifacts.

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Naval Museum

The Naval Museum, situated west of Lu Xun Park, offers an invaluable insight into the Chinese Navy’s development. Established in 1989, its collection includes paintings, documents and artifacts which vividly recount its story.

The Naval Museum offers visitors an insightful view into the Chinese Navy. A must-visit for any visitor to Qingdao!

Laoshan Scenic Area is one of the city’s top attractions, boasting majestic cliffs, waterfalls, caves and temples. For an unforgettable trip to Qingdao, it is best explored with a private guide via cable car and foot.

By taking a leisurely walk along the pier, you will reach Little Qingdao (Xiao Qingdao), a small peninsula connected to mainland Qingdao by a seawall. This area offers beautiful walking paths that hug the shorelines while passing through black pine trees and flowering plants.

Another must-visit in the city is Underwater World. This aquarium boasts an impressive collection of tanks where fish and other sea creatures can be observed up close. Visitors can witness staff members don diving gear to give demonstrations on various creatures inside these tanks.

Other attractions in the area include May Fourth Square, a monument to the 1919 May Fourth Movement. Here you’ll find fountains, a swimming pool and The Winds of May sculpture – red in coloration to symbolize a burning flame.

Animal lovers will want to take the family on a trip to Eastern Bear Park, where you can feed Asian black bears. Not only is this an engaging activity for kids, but also an excellent chance to explore local wildlife.

Finally, don’t miss visiting the TV Tower which provides breathtaking panoramic views of the entire city from 130 meters high. It has an interesting elevator that takes visitors up to the observation deck for some photo ops and unforgettable memories.