Important things to know before your Holidays in Scotland 


Planning for vacations? You might get overwhelmed with the number of tourist destinations available to visit this summer. From big futuristic cities to the beach, natural fountains, and historical sites, there are a lot of options out there, which makes it difficult to choose one out of many destinations.

But if you are reading this article, there are two possibilities, either you are planning a holiday trip to Scotland, or you just don’t know your next vacation destination. In either case, this article will surely help you discover new things about Scotland.

Most articles on Scottish holidays speak about the culture and tradition of Scotland. But let us try to get beyond the bagpipes and golf courses and explore what the important things to know before your Holiday in Scotland are.

  • Scotland Loves politics

If you are not a political person, you might regret going to Scotland, and there is a reason why. One of them is that Scottish people just love politics, which is one of the reasons why Scotland is extremely political.

People there have strong opinions regarding various aspects of life. The historical buildings and parliament still divide the opinion of citizens.

The best thing you can do before visiting Scotland is to learn to stay away from politics. As I have mentioned before, the Scottish are attached to political ideologies. In that case, you don’t want to ruin your trip by going against any of the public ideologies.

The good thing is that apart from political discussion, Scottish people are really welcoming and treat outsiders with great respect.

  • The climate 

Most tourists make the same mistake while visiting Scotland. While you are visiting the country in the summers, you might go on warm days and sunny weather. Well, that is completely incorrect and might turn out to be the biggest mistake of your life.

Summers in Scotland are extremely cool for tourists coming from a tropical region or from the middle east. Thankfully, the country generally has mild winters accompanied by precipitation. In the worst-case scenario, you may get a chance to experience all four seasons in one day.

Considering the above, it is extremely important for anyone to have a pair of weather clothing when packing for a trip to Scotland. As it goes without saying, “there is no such thing called bad weather, it is just the wrong clothing.” That says it all!

Pack a waterproof jacket, winter clothing, and whatever you require. At last, you must not let anything, including the climate ruin your experience.

  • Culture and Tradition in Scotland

Scotland is one of those countries in Europe which has deep roots in culture. You can experience its rich tradition and storied history since the 9th century.

What else you might not know about Scotland is that their unique cuisine and music play a primary role in Scottish culture. One can confirm that by experiencing Scottish celebrations such as jubilant holidays as well as festivals.

The country of Scotland is popular for its traditional folks, different types of music, wide range of dance forms, clothing, and whatnot. The culture of Scotland flourished in the 20th century. And still remained vibrant in the 21st.

Tourists can taste every bit of culture and tradition in Scotland just by visiting famous historical sites and locations with great historical importance. Do not miss out on the Highland Bagpipers passing by the road and cheering up the crowd. That’s the unique thing you get to see when spending your holidays in Scotland.

  • Banking and currency

If you come from a nation where only one type of banknote is promoted and used, there is a high chance you get confused with the variety of banknotes in the United Kingdom. To make things even more confusing, one can find currency issued by the Bank of Scotland, Clydesdale Bank, as well as banknotes printed by (RBS) Royal Bank of Scotland.

Add the currency issued by the Bank of England and Irish Bank, and you will definitely ask which money I can use in Scotland? The Scottish currency is nothing but (GBP), commonly known as British Pound.

In short, you can use any currency note that says “Pound Sterling.” Both types of notes, i.e., Scottish and English, are accepted in Scotland. So, it’s completely legal to use British currency in Scotland.

However, due to the recent roll-out of updated currencies, it is important to note that the old money is not accepted in shops anymore.

Final thoughts

A trip to Scotland is indeed the most popular yet anticipated trip all around the world. It comes with no doubt that you will enjoy the journey to highlands and famous cities, including the places with historical backgrounds. You will just love it!

Although, you should know the above-mentioned things associated with Scotland to get the most out of your Holiday in Scotland.