Live the High Life: Stay on a Yacht at Cannes Lions Festival


Every June the vibrant city of Cannes, France, becomes the epicenter of the advertising world as it hosts the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. This prestigious event attracts professionals from all corners of the globe. All coming together to celebrate innovation and excellence in advertising and marketing. 

For those attending, finding the perfect place to stay and conduct business is essential. The Cannes Lions yacht rental service is one of the unique and exciting options during the festival.

Here, we will explore why renting a yacht during the Cannes Lions Festival can enhance your experience in many ways.

What is the Cannes Lions Fuss About?

The Cannes Lions is not just any festival. It is where the brightest minds in advertising meet up. For a whole week you can learn in workshops, listen to talks, and meet big names in the field. They even have award shows for the most creative ads of the year. It is buzzing with energy and chances to learn, connect, and get inspired.

Why Pick a Yacht Over a Hotel or Apartment?

Perfect Spot, No Hassle

When you stay on a yacht, you are right there in the harbor next to all the action. No need to fight through crowded streets or spend ages in taxis. Just hop off your boat and boom – you are at the festival!

Dive into the Festival Vibe

Being in Cannes during the festival is really special. On your yacht, you are right in the middle of it. Go to events, meet people and enjoy the buzz. Then, when you need a break from all the excitement your peaceful yacht is waiting like an oasis. It is like having the best of both worlds.

Sleep on the Sea

Staying on a yacht is just cool. Imagine waking up on the water, with the French Riviera right outside your window. It is way more exciting than a regular hotel room or apartment. You get all the comfy stuff you would expect, but with a sea view. Nice, right?

Work and Play, All in One Place

But wait, there is more! Your yacht is not just for sleeping. You can use it for business too. Many yachts have spaces for meetings or giving presentations. So, you can do business in a quiet, private spot. Way better than trying to talk over the festival noise in a café.

Party Central

You can host parties on your yacht! The Cannes Lions Festival is not just about watching ads; it is about meeting colleagues and making new connections. Your yacht is the perfect place for a party. You can have dinners, cocktail hours, whatever you like. Your guests will be super impressed, enjoying good food and drinks while looking out at beautiful Cannes with all the luxury a yacht has to offer.

Making Your Yacht Stay Awesome

To make this yacht plan work, you have got to be organized. Book early – these boats go fast during the festival. 

Think about what you need. How many people are coming? Do you want to host events? Maybe some live music? Fancy food? Need any special stuff on board? Tell your yacht charter broker and they will make it all happen for you!