The Ultimate Guide to Booking a Family Friendly Hotel


When such is the case, it becomes a real challenge to identify the best family-friendly hotel, but it is possible to have your needs well catered for as mentioned below. Below, we present guidelines on what to consider when it comes to selecting appropriate housing for your family holiday.

Location, Location, Location

Selecting the right site is vital In the selection of both particular sites and a general geographical area to target, careful consideration should be given. Staying in a hotel that is near a popular area or station is convenient because one does not have to travel around looking for a certain place. For instance, if the trip you are making is to Disneyland, it would be more suitable to develop a hotel by Disneyland so that transport is easily catered for as it is a walk or shuttle drive. Ease of access is therefore evident from such factors as the distance to restaurants, parks and centres for shopping.

Check the Amenities

To be sure, convenience features do matter especially when one is traveling with children or other family members. Also, consider hotels with facilities like swimming pools, kids’ sections, play areas and babysitter services to benefit your children. Some hotels also offer family suites where an area for children is separated by a door from the area for parents so that everyone can have some privacy when they want it. To get the zest and enjoy your vacation to the maximum, you should stay at a family friendly hotel which provides these comforts.

Read Reviews and Ratings

Word-of-mouth feedback from other families, such as through review and rating sites, can also be an excellent source for identifying family-friendly hotels. While searching for such reviews, focus on the quality of services provided in the particular hotel, the level of room and equipment cleanliness, and possible friendly and professional attitudes of employees. Some of the online platforms that could be used include social media; trip advisors and Google reviews.

Dining Options

Availability of dining places especially for kids can at times be a challenge and therefore if one has to take out kids, it is an added advantage. Ask the hotel if there are special menus for kids, if there is a provision for high chairs for the kids and if they serve meals at any time of the day or night. Some family-friendly hotels offer even cooking facilities within the rooms which will come in handy in preparing meals that your kids usually take.

Safety and Security

Safety and security issues an important factors within the hotel industry, thus the hotel should have standard safety features instituted. Additional services such as a trained staff with a policy of being available at the reception round the clock, access control in entry areas, and the pool area being manned round the clock by lifeguards go a long way in guaranteeing security. It’s also important to find out whether there are childproof measures put in place: children’s room doors should be lockable from the outside especially if a balcony is present.

Activities and Entertainment

Education is an important part of every child’s life, but so are those moments when a child has to just sit and wait. When choosing the hotels identify hotels that have facilities that include game rooms, house movies, and house fun activities. It also babysits the kids in a way and gives the parents some much-needed leisure time to spend as they wish.